Post Process File Type F360

I am using Autodesk Fusion 360 and in the post process which cps file is recommended? I have tried gplus.cps and tinyg.cps but I am having trouble with the home function. Thanking you in advance for comments.
Charleston, SC

If you can give little bit more info about your setup, I believe someone can answer your question. My setup is standart Arduino-Gshield combo. Using Generic post processor but one thing sure, home and work position is way too complicated than choosing post processor. Just put your setup detail. Same time while you’re waiting, go ahead and search in this forum under G28 position setup, you’ll see very good info. My2c.

Thank you for responding so quickly. Sorry I’ve been resetting my limit switches and making sure they work on Easel. I have, I guess, the standard setup with the Arduino board and gshield. I am using the Universal G-Code Sender v 1.0.8 by Will somebody. It could be in my toolpath in F360 cam operation. I use Easel to make sure the spindle turns on/off and XYZ work properly.

I use F360 and UGS as well, I’ve been using the Grbl post processor and it seems to work well.

Thanks. I am now using GPlus because I lost the grbl.cps from the F360 library. I was trying to move it to a local file but can’t find it locally and it has disappeared from my cloud? I have been operating the spindle manually because I didn’t know that the homing function in Easel only turned the spindle on for a few seconds and then homed the XYZ axes. I haven’t been able to find anyone in Charleston, SC to compare notes with on either the F360 or Inventables.