Post processor for G-Code for Carvey

Does anyone have a post processor for art cam (g-code)? I want to carve a 3d relief on my Carvey

I just got finished making a video for you on how I do it hope it helps. The video is processing now and I will upload it as soon as it is finished. But as of yet there is no post for artcam I search and ask around often. Currently trying to get one of the people at work that do coding for cnc’s to write one. also trying to learn myself.


Shane, can you upload the post processing file you use? I would like to take a look at it, but I can’t find them.

gcode_inch.con (1.1 KB)
Guess I really never thought of doing that. I looked at the file seems pretty simple it would still take me some time to figure it out


Made a mistake use this one.
See below.

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It does not show any errors when starting artcam but does not show in the post list

Ok, I went through it and made the real changes to clean it up some. Try this one and see if it’s better. I made some setup changes to make it work better and fit in with the X-carve.

See post below.

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Working and imports to easel. still a few hours away from running the machine but I will let you know how it goes. Thank you very much. you have been a huge help on here and many should be thankful.

Thanks, Shane. Let me know how it goes. I’ve also done a mm version so when you say it’s Ok, I’ll post them in a thread of their own for others to pick them up.

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Running a test now so far all is good.

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Can you upload the post processor for Mach3-4? I want to see if they have updated anything. The generic versions were a little old.

Mach3_4-Inch.con (1.5 KB)
Mach3_4-MM-Arcs-ATC.con (2.1 KB)
Mach3_4-Inch-Arcs.con (1.8 KB)
Mach3_4-Inch-Arcs-ATC.con (2.0 KB)
Mach3_4-MM-Arcs.con (1.8 KB)
Mach3_4-MM.con (1.4 KB)

Just as I thought. The generics are very old code. Here is one that is more up to date. It includes arcs (G2/G3).

Should be ok, but I won’t put it out in the other thread until you can test it.

See below.

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error popup says
missing closing quote
line 55
START = "G0 [XH] [YH]

My bad.

I changed it.

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Artcam fine but easel says no

Line 19: G3 X-0.2235 Y-0.1384 I-0.0026 J-0.0004
The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

Ok, I knew that Easel would not generate G2/G3, but I thought as a g-code sender it might pass them.

I can do what they do for mach3-4 and use four files.

See alternate thread. Search for Artcam.

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Off to a good start. Running now

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Ok working from start to finish. Thank you for your hard work.

Ok, Shane. It’s late here. I’ll think I’ll post them and then call it a night. Let me know if you run into any issues.

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