Post processor for J tech laser with Vcarve but mm


I recently added a jtech laser to the x carve. I can get everting at work but only manual.

i mosly work with vector Vcarve and found a post processor for vcarve but only inches. i tried to convert to mm myself but Im missing something ,because it wont put the laseron or off. M3/M5

iI will ask if there is someone who want to check my file.

I also loaded the new hex file so far so good but on of wont work.

x_carve_laser_mm.pp (4.4 KB)

thx already

grtz Koen

First which way do u have switch . To right laser always on . Second what r u using for a number i.e. - MO3 s### is laser on, if your using jtech it’s between 0 and 255, if xcarve grbl- my laser didn’t come on until 2500. I set spindle speed to 12000. For inch and worked fine.

hi Chad

about the switch, switch is at right

here is a little of the test file I draw in v carve

maybe you see something wrong


G1Z0.0000F120.0 S12000M3
G1X49.1072Y51.8726F2500.0 S12000M3
G1X49.4339Y50.7980 S12000
G1X49.7791Y49.7309 S12000
G1X50.1426Y48.6714 S12000
G1X50.5241Y47.6196 S12000
G1X50.9233Y46.5759 S12000
G1X51.3401Y45.5404 S12000
G1X51.7742Y44.5132 S12000
G1X52.2254Y43.4946 S12000
G1X52.6934Y42.4847 S12000
G1X53.1780Y41.4838 S12000
G1X53.6790Y40.4919 S12000
G1X54.1962Y39.5093 S12000
G1X54.7293Y38.5361 S12000
G1X55.2781Y37.5725 S12000
G1X55.8424Y36.6187 S12000
G1X56.4220Y35.6748 S12000
G1X57.0166Y34.7410 S12000
G1X57.6262Y33.8175 S12000
G1X58.2504Y32.9045 S12000
G1X58.8891Y32.0020 S12000
G1X59.5421Y31.1103 S12000
G1X60.2091Y30.2295 S12000
G1X60.8901Y29.3598 S12000
G1X61.5847Y28.5014 S12000
G1X62.2928Y27.6545 S12000
G1X63.0143Y26.8191 S12000
G1X63.7489Y25.9955 S12000
G1X64.4965Y25.1839 S12000
G1X65.2568Y24.3843 S12000
G1X66.0297Y23.5971 S12000

Don’t see a power off. Did u add a switch to switch back and forth between spindle and laser. I was having an issues were I could only get it to work with switch to left. Come to find out the switch I added to switch between spindle and laser was flipped to spindle.


No switch for choosing laser or spindle… I just put the small on off switch off when using the spindle…

Do I have to add the power off command myself? this I draw in vcarve and choose the PP for laser. So I thought they did it directly?


Here is the complete File, maybe you see somthing more.

KoenQuick Engrave 1 test.gcode (58.7 KB)

It is at the end. U may want to consider adding a switch between the 2 , but that’s just my 2 cents. Other than that, im stumped.


I m gonna place a switch, offcourse for safety only…

Thx already for thinking and looking into my problem.