Post Processor for PTC Creo Prismatic Machining

Yep that’s right. I’m after a PP that I can output to from PTCs Creo Prismatic Machining software. The PP would output the G-Code in a format that would import cleanly into Easel

Additionally are there any PTC Creo / ProE users here anyway? Would be interested to know how you mill your 3D CAD models

Thanks in advance


I use Creo, but haven’t looked for a way to make G-code for Easel. Following this in case you get lucky. :smile:

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Does Creo create files that can be used by other (mainstream) machines? This sounds like a cool challenge. Perhaps post a simple creo file, so we can look at that output.

@Earwigger @AngusMcleod @RobertA_Rieke

Thanks for the replies. Yes Creo comes with some standard PPs and the ability to edit PPs also. I’ve also had a number of bespoke Creo PP’s written for companies i’ve worked for that drive 3, 3+1 and full 5 axis CNC centres. I’m just being lazy tbh and hoping that there is someone out there who has a PP that works with Creo - which at this stage there isn’t.

I’ve started a post at PTCs software community support site here:

FYI Creo workflow is something like this:

  • Create 3D CAD
  • Apply toolpaths to 3D CAD
  • Toolpaths outputted as generic *ncl type file
  • Post Processor reads ncl file, translates and then outputs to machine Gcode

@AngusMcleod yes i also agree re: more PPs the more likely to buy software. Unfortunately PTCs customers who have manufacturing software tend to be manufacturing giants who write custom PPs for their global sites rather than small machine shops who obtain PPs from web librarys . Therefore the availability of Creo PPs is quite small compared to other stand alone CAM packages (MasterCAM etc etc).

I’ll probably have a play over the weekend with the PPs i have here