Post processor for UGCS

Do I need a post processor for UGCS , at the moment I use V carve and import the G code into Easel for carving, all works good , but I am getting a JTech laser and have read that it does not work too good with Easel and I should get UGCS, I have not tried this yet, how do I get the Gcode from Vcarve into UGCS

When you generate a toolpath in Vcarve you select a post processor for Vcarve to tailor the G-code for the machine you are going to use to run the G-code.

That G-code file is the one that you send using UGCS.

You can use one of the post processors on this page (scroll down).

Some people use a “No Z” post processor for some of their laser work. One of those is available on the JTech website.

Thanks Larry, I will study all this

I think all I need to know to get up and running is in the links that Larry sent me, I will read all that first, I had trouble getting UGS as I first needed Java and not many browsers support it, Internet explorer does but trying to get that to open is a nightmare, I finally got Java downloaded and then UGS, so I will try the laser as soon as it arrives, in the meantime I want to read up on safety for the laser, all that comes with the JTech laser is goggles,is that enough or do I need more, can anyone recommend what to read, I have been reading about Phil’s laser journey, and reading on the JTech website, which is great