Post processor to use with Fusion 360 and UGS?

When using the beta feature of Easel to load g-code generated by Fusion 360 you’re supposed to use the easel specific post processor in Fusion 360 to generate the gcode. When you’re planning to use UGS to send the gcode should I be using the regular grbl post processor or the same easel post processor - does it make a difference? What does the Easel specific processor change?

I’ve always used the stock GRBL post for UGCS/CP sending.

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I’ve also always used the generic post GRBL post processor for use with UGS. I just upgraded my x-carve grbl version to 1.1f and it is now having problems. One of the differences in the g-code produced by the generic GRBL is the addition of the g-code sequence below. The line G28 G91 Z0 did not seem to have an effect or negative effect with the previous version of GRBL but it now causes the router to come crashing down into the table. Very bad. I have a pending question with support as what I should do. Was it a mistake upgrading my GRBL? Is there an appropriate or alternative post processor I should use? Not likely related but I’m currently not using the limiting switches.
Thanks in advance for help and suggestions!

G28 G91 Z0

(2D Contour1)
T5 M6
S12000 M3

That sounds a lot like your G28 home might be somewhere fairly low? Where did you set your G28.1 command?

If you are not using homing switches then G28 is practically useless unless you are positioning your spindle at exactly the same location prior to turning on your machine.

M6 is an invalid grbl command.


I realized why I am seeing this error now. I generated the gcode on a different system and the option settings in Fusion are normally hidden and of course there is a “G28 safe retracts” option which was set on this system and not on the system I had been using. Thank you both for the quick response!