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Post Processors downloaded file but not sure what to do now help please

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I believe you’ve confused the Search button with the New Topic button, but that’s okay. For future reference, the search button is the magnifying glass button and not the “+ New Topic”. They’re close together on the screen so it’s okay.

You didn’t give enough information for anyone to actually answer your question. What CAD/CAM software? What post processor? What are you trying to do?

Have you searched? There’s a lot of posts about Vcarve post-processors and even some on Fusion 360 post processors. I’d start with a search for specifics, for instance, if you’re using Fusion 360, search “Fusion 360 post processor”.


You are downloading and don’t know what to do?

yes pretty much

@TomCarroll After two years you’re back to respond with the same issue?
That’s gotta be frustrating.
Can you be more specific? What post processor? What are you trying to do?

hi I am trying to use aspire and have downloaded the post processor but am having trouble getting it into aspire am using windows computer not great with computers lol

Copy post processor file from downloads (right click --> copy).
Open Aspire.
File > Open Application Data Folder . This will open a new window showing all the program’s support folders. Select the Postp folder.
Paste the file you copied (right click --> paste).

hi that’s what I have done but still not coming up in aspire

Are all the other options there?
What Post Processor are you downloading?

easel local for aspire?

I think there is some confusion here.
Easel local is a driver for Easel on your computer.
The file you need to copy and pastes is this


Watch this:

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