Post video?

Wondering what video format you use to post to the forum. My camera saves as .avi format and the files are huge. Even after converting/ saving as .wmv, files are still to big to post, and this was only a 2 min video. Any suggestions?

From what I have seen most people post to youtube and share the link here.

Thanks, I’ll check that process out.

You better ask this question to JamesMitchell Jeff. He does 10 minutes videos all over, :flushed: and they look very professional.

Yeah, I was going to ask him. His videos are very good (and long) but didn’t want to bug him with all the problems he’s having with his rough/ detail cutting. (He sounded a little pissed off on his last post)

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You made me laugh…rofl

We typically upload the avi to YouTube. Some programs like iMovie have publish to YouTube features.

If you are on PC try windows movie maker


Like the others said, the easiest method seems to be to upload the video to youtube and then post a link in the forum! If you don’t want all of youtube to see them you can make them private with a link, then only people who have the link can watch e.g. Inventables forum members.

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