Potential bugs in UGS, or is this human just not fly enough?

Hello, I’m new to the forum.

Firstly, I’m sorry about the thread title, but a pop up window prompted me to use one that sounded interesting.

I’m a newbie to CNC, and have just set up my FoxAlien Masuter Pro.

I’ve designed a sample job in Easel.

I’m using a Mac, so needed to use UGS Platform rather than Candle.

I’ve got to the stage of zero resetting X, Y, Z on the workpiece, but am now stuck at a stage where UGS Platform won’t go further.

The Send/Play button (and Save, Stop, Pause Unlock buttons) are all greyed out.

I’ve spent over an hour scouring the web for a fix, and although others have pointed out the issue previously, dating back to 2018, I can’t find a solution to fix mine.

I’ve attached a grab.

My issue is more likely to be human error rather than tech.

Is there a life saving genius on this forum?



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