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this may very well be the wrong place to as this question but hopefully I can get an unbiased answer. Being that the Makita and dewalt routers were and are on the trimmer level of routers, is the x carve capable of handling a larger motor like the Spinrite, or is the gantry and router mount not capable to handle that size of motor? I cannot afford the price of the pro at the current time but would hate to have buyers remorse in discovering that the x carve cannot perform to the level that I hope to achieve. I am looikng to be able to route trays, cutting boards, and other items that will have upwards of one inch sometimes less and some times more of hard wood. all answers would be of help and if possible without bias.

Here is what my opinion is for your concerns. I have both the Xcarve and the Xcarve Pro. I have used the Xcarve to cut out carving boards from fused hardwoods as well as cut juice wells around them. The Dewalt 611 had no issues cutting the hard Woods as you can set the speed on the router as well as the feed rate in the Easel program. Since I now have the XCarve Pro, I plan to sell my original Xcarve. Not because I don’t like it (it has been a real asset in my shop), but because I don’t need both; the Pro takes up a lot of space a d I plan to purchase a laser machine to go where the original Xcarve sits. I don’t think you will be disappointed with how the Xcarve cuts hardwoods with the routers that come with it. Use good bits and set the speeds right and I think you will be happy!

I am currently making a couple of cutting boards that are 1.25 thick.
I also regularly make hardwood cigar ashtrays that are 1.5 thick.
As mentioned, the DW 611 will have no problems.
However, speeds and feeds are critical

Thanks for the info that you have provided this helps

I have an upgraded Shapeoko2 turned into an x carve plus. I make guitar components out of 1.75" thick stock and rout cavities down 1.5" deep with my Dewalt trimmer. The key is to get good quality bits that are long enough. I rely on Whiteside bits. My most used bits are a .5"diameter straight, 5" diameter round nose, and .25"dia straight bits. They all have 1/4" shanks. I’d suggest the aftermarket Z, risers, stiffeners, and 9mm belts of you are buying an older machine.

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