Potential Improvements/additions

In my short time using the X-Carve, I have seen two things that could be improved. One should be in the works, the other is a good to have.

The first is some sort of memory on the X-Controller itself. When I send a job to my 3D printer, the printer stores the information and the computer is no longer needed. This prevents issues if the computer and printer loose connection in the middle of the project. Rather than relying on the computer, the file would be sent to the controller and monitored by the computer. If they loose connection, the project would still continue and once connection is re-established, the computer can continue monitoring.

The second would be a nice to have. And this would be a Wi-Fi option. This way you can cut the cord and some of the problems that it brings with it.

Just a couple of things to take into consideration.

Both can be achieved w\ cnc.js - CNCJS Thoughts?

@AustinSt.Aubin has a YouTube video about his experiences with it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtESyiykBls

I do just this with raspberry pi and CNCJS which is an extremely great software!