Potentiometer setting adjustment question

So I have been having issues with dual stage carving and even regular carvings when it comes to the X axis. After reading up some more, I decided to adjust the potentiometers for my machine which were set at the stock location that is advised in the assembly. I know that is a baseline and you need to adjust them to your setup. Here is the issue I am having.

I turn the pot down until it starts losing steps or stops and I marked my low end. But when I turned it up to try and get it to overload, it doesn’t. I can turn the pot all the way up and it keeps going. I do notice that no matter what setting the pot is on, there is some shaking as it is moving. It’s noticeable just watching it, and it shakes the table, but it doesn’t do that for the Y, just the X.

I am running a stock 1000mm with X controller. Running a fake cut on the X axis at 200 ipm

What would cause it to not overload even though the potentiometer is maxed out?

UPDATE: it actually is doing that on the Y axis too. I can max the pots out and it doesn’t overload at all