Power lights not on, fan running, not connecting

Struggling to get my xcarve to connect again. I initially had it working to test the x,y,z connection, initially started the spindle setup via automatic, but hit back to set to manual then something happened and it won’t connect anymore.

Now it’s not connecting and the power lights are not on, despite the x controller being on and the fan running.

Any help is greatly appreciated

un-plug your USB cable from the computer and put it back in, mine does that from time to time and that is my simple fix

Just in case re-plugging the USB cable doesn’t fix things…

You say the power light isn’t on. Did you hit the E-stop at any time? You might give it the twist-and-pull check to make sure it isn’t tripped. If it’s for sure reset (not tripped), and the power light still isn’t coming on, I’d recommend checking the E-stop wiring connections inside the X-Controller (with power completely removed and the controller unplugged, of course).

Might be worth while to bypass it for the time being, to rule out the E-stop as the culprit, it is a bit finicky as far as I can tell from the reports seen.

I had the same issue when I was just getting started. Very frustrating to read all the posts about the e-stop when I KNEW the e-stop was not tripped. I had performed all the checks, tore apart the x-controller and put it back together. I noticed the USB connection on the board seemed funky. While I was on the phone troubleshooting my issue with Inventables…it actually popped off the board. Like it hadn’t been soldered correctly or enough. Anyways, they were quick to rectify the situation, sending me a new board and some new ribbon cables just in case.

That actually happened to me yesterday as well. One of the sides was not soldered and seems something was giving it enough pressure to have a connection.

Glad they were quick to remedy it. Hopefully I can get the same service as this is impacting some orders and revenue for me.

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Estop is definitely not the culprit. Can you share more on the bypass please? Not sure I fully understand