Power loss during a cut

hi everyone i was in the middle of my first cut and my compressor came on and ended up blowing a breaker. my question is what do i do now do i have to start all over?

There should been a resume dialog pop up when you logged back in, did that work?

No there wasn’t. It’s like it wants to start all over.

Did you home the machine prior to setting up your work zero?

I don’t think so I followed everything it said to do when setting it up threw easil

Do you have homing switches installed?

In order to restart an aborted carve you need a known reference point. This can either be material edge/corner so you can set your work zero again with some sort of precision.

If you have the switches, homing align the machine space to the model space, and work zero is stored as an offset relative to machine coordinates. So if the carve were botched one can reset, re-home and use previous work zero to restart, maintaining consistent work zero.