Power supply confusion

Firstly apologies if this has been answered before

my question relates to the power supply used for the xcarve

in the instructions and the BOM the supply is listed as
Enclosed Power Supply 24VDC 400W

This is totally different to what is listed in the store to buy .in fact it does not exist in the store ??
so my question is this …
when using nema 23 motors in a build what is the correct supply to use ? Because the wattage and amperage ratings are different and there doesnt seem to be any uniformity in the information .

I have recently come back to invetables to build my ideal machine and missed out on the black friday deals because I did not receive email telling me of the deals !!! so in order for me to build at a suitable cost to me I have to buy parts as and when I can afford to .

This means I want to buy the correct items first time around .

Any help or advice would be great


I did a similar thing a coupl eof months back. I bought the -02 power supply, 240W from here https://www.inventables.com/technologies/enclosed-power-supply . The 400W was needed if running their old default spindle.240W is more than enough for just 4 Nema 23’s

cheers andy thats great …i am only running the nema’s off it and using a dewalt spindle eventually …so that should be fine

What about the 17’s? They seem fine for what I do.