Power supply dead after stepper upgrade

So I had just done the CNC4Newbies z-axis upgrade with the 269oz stepper. I fired it up and the axis moved in reverse. No problem I know you can flip it in software but always cleaner to flip the wires versus doing it in software. So I flipped the green/black pair. After this the x-controller does not turn on (no power light, no fan running). Any ideas? i swapped the leads back but no improvement.

Was it on when you swapped the wires?

Curious why you say that.

Just that if for some reason you have to reload the firmware everything works right.

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Makes sense
So was the controller on when you swapped wires?

Um yeah I think it was on. I do kn0w better, but was on a distracting phone call. Did I bake the board?

Oh, never mind crisis averted. It’s that damn twitchy e-stop button thing that cropped up again… so after jiggling the e-stop it booted up fine.

Sorry for just getting back…

There’s a chance of creating a situation where the stepper draws more current than the driver can handle when you connect steppers while powered, but that wouldn’t fry the PSU. Could you have knocked something else loose?

Edit: Should’ve read further before I replied. Looks like you’re back in working order! That’s great! Now fix that Estop issue.

And the wiring wasn’t reversed this time… I must have flipped it on the original install as my $3 was set to 4, so set that back to zero (I.e no reversals) and everything is normal…

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Luckily it doesn’t seem to happen when running (yet)