Power Supply Enclosure

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The one thing i’m not a fan of on my X-Carve is the way the power supply is off balanced by the beautiful custom front Inventables made, yet the back is empty and off balanced. I drew up a quick easy model in Solidworks of the missing piece to give it a clean look and I want to add to it to give it a nicer look. Obviously metal would be to expensive and 3D printing PLA or ABS would melt from the heat, So my question is what do you think a good material would be? and how hot does the power supply get at it’s hottest?


I could totally see this in aluminum, just carve it out of a thin sheet and then fold the corners. If not a sheet of aluminum then you could use some MDF… maybe even the solid black MDF that Inventables sells.

I just went with a bigger box to keep the whole thing in as seen here:

This one we are launching is aluminum

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@sketch42 I thought of that but it would have to be 1/16 to match the front and A) they only carry 3/8 and B) At 1/16 it wouldn’t be strong enough. Wondering it 1/16" acrylic or lexan would hold up to the heat?

@Zach_Kaplan That’s really nice, what’s the est. cost? and will there be an upgrade kit for the X-carve people where we could just get the case?

I’d say your best bet would to create a flat pattern that could be cut and then bent into shape. Thin aluminium or a good heat resistant plastic would work.