Power Supply Fan Bearing

My Power Supply Kit 24V / 16.7A / 400W Power supply cooling fan bearing is starting to make noise. Has anyone had to replace this yet? I haven’t taken it apart yet so I don’t know what size it is or where I could get one.

Any help is appreciated.

Haven’t had problems with that fan. I did have an issue with a fin breaking off the g-shield fan and it wouldn’t stop vibrating. Created a hellatious racket! I replaced it with no problem. It was a 60mm x 60mm x 25mm fan I got from Amazon (Click Here). I would say the one in the power supply is about the same size, but I won’t guarantee it, since I’ve never opened up the power supply.

@DavidYerkes My power supply just made a terrible noise on startup, it kind of came and went for a minute and then stopped completely. I’m hoping is was just a piece of debris, but we’ll see. What happened with yours?

I bought a new one but the original stopped making noise so I haven’t done anything with it yet.

Interesting, well hopefully just debris then.