Power Supply....for X-Carve Nema 23 110 oz motors

Hey guys…plan to use a Dewalt DW660 and not the 300w spindle…will a 5A 24v power supply be enough to run just my motors

What stepper driver are you using? Is the the gShield?

Hey Bart…I will be using the supplied driver that comes with the xcarve

I think the power supply is sufficient for that setup. We have measured the total current using a test bench power supply on a setup like that and it is well below 5A. That measures average current, so I don’t know what the peaks are. We have some better current measuring tools coming and will get a better answer soon.

A 150W or 240W power supply would be the next step up and give you a little more margin.

Thanks Bart, I truly can’t wait for my X-Carve. My friend had the older version and i was so jealous of all the cool stuff he could do with it. I have a lot of wood working skills and made items for him to personalize. Thanks for all the hard work at developing such an awesome product

You will love it when you get it Nathan i have been testing an early release version for Inventables, very easy to use.

I’m pumped. …can’t wait