Power Supply Interface PCB and 48 volt power supply


I’m thinking about upgrading to a 48 volt spindle and 48 volt power supply. I have an X-carve with 24 volt power supply and Power Supply Interface PCB. Can I just replace the powersupply from 24v to 48v and? Will the Power Supply Interface PCG supply the correct voltage to the gShield V5 after the upgrade or will it distroy the gShield V5?

You can’t just replace the 24 volt power supply with a 48 volt power supply.

Take a look at this link.

The gShield has a voltage input range of 12-30V. Lower than 12V won’t power it, and higher than 30V may damage or destroy it.

You can wire a DC-DC stepdown converter to your 48V power supply to reduce the voltage going to the gShield to be within the 12-30V range. However, stepdown converters lose some power because of how they convert voltage, so the maximum power going to your stepper motors will be reduced.

Not so. Depending on the stepper motors you have installed they are rated at somewhere between 2 to 4 volts. Unless you step your voltage down below that there is no loss of power. The more important parameter for steppers is current. The smaller motors take about 1.6 amps max and the larger ones about 2.8 amps max.

The stepper motor driver chips turn the voltage on and off to prevent the current from getting too high. The advantage of higher voltages is that the motors respond faster to the on pulses.

Stepdown converters have a smaller current output than their current input. They convert voltage at the expense of current.

Just tossing a fact out here: When I bought my SO2 early this year, the standard package was a 48VDC spindle. The kit included 24VDC and 48VDC power supplies, each for their own purpose. I don’t understand making a big deal of adding a power supply to your system.

My point is that you have something like a fire hose to fill an 8 oz glass. If you put your finger in the way it won’t make much difference.