Power Usage

For those of you that are married to an accountant, or at least someone that keeps an eagle eye on household finances, you will understand this question. My wife is curious about how much all this extra electricity is going to cost us. I’ve got the X Controller, the De Walt router, an air purifier, and a dust collector, all running at once, and occasionally other power tools as well. But since I just started on this journey, we haven’t received an electric bill yet that reflects all that usage. Do any of you folks have an idea, how much extra our hobby is costing?

Buy a couple of these.

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AIUI, the largest draw should be the trim router ~700 Watts — round everything else up to 1 KWH — typical U.S. cost for 1 KWH is 12¢

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My cost is about $20 extra and I run a 1500 watt compressor.

The reward is priceless so the ROI is unlimited, that should please the accountant.

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Just skip a shower once a week and you should be all good :wink: Disclaimer - Might tip the balance of a different scale…