Powered USB to solve connection issues?


I’m getting really frustrated with the connection errors I’m getting, I just don’t understand why the X-carve has such a sensitive connection to my laptop. For a £2500 machine I wonder why they don’t have a simple SD slot direct into the X-controller? Even the cheapest chinese 3D printers do!

Anyway rant over, I understand that usually this is caused by interference from the router motor? I have had less frequent disconnects since I learned that the dewalt 611 should always be set on 1, however a more permanent solution it a powered usb? Can someone post a link to one that solved their issue/a picture of how they set it up with the x controller? I would really appreciate it as I’m not the most techy and don’t want to get the wrong thing!

Thanks as always!


Often this is the case, but not always.
Your ceiling lights if fluorescent could cause harm, my Arduino will loose USB connection when I turn my lights OFF.
Router and computer/controller sharing electric outlet…dust hoses… the list goes on.
Whats common it that we receive RF-noise picked up by the USB cable causing it to briefly disconnect/interrupt and Easel will halt.

A powered USB-hub dont rely on the USB port for power and is often more resistant towards these issues.
A quality shielded USB cable in itself may solve it for some.

I too experienced disconnect issues and have since been using an inexpensive powered USB hub bought from local store. Prior to that, I had good luck by bypassing the USB header and plugging a cord directly into the mini usb slot normally used by the header cable as a temporary fix. And, to diagnose if this was in fact my issue. For me, it was and have been happily carving without the intermittent disconnects.

For the cable, I found a spare USB cable normally used for charging my android phone. You will have to remove the face of the X-Controller and slide the lid back to reach the port. Be careful as you will be working around the E Stop button. In fact, I would suggest unplugging the X Controller first.

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting this will fix your issue, but it may help you get to the root cause. If you want to avoid opening up the X Controller, just try the USB powered hub.

Here is a thread I found with a suggestion for a USB hub and cable: x-carve-randomly-crashes-and-loses-connection-power-issue-perhaps

Since I was struggling for months, I feel you. I’m just going to cite myself

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My disconnect problem went away when i did the following.

  1. ran a separate circuit for the controller and put my laptop on the other.
  2. replaced my overhead florescent light with LED
  3. used quality shielded cable
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thanks for all the help guys, ive since purchased a powered hub and shielded cable and havent had a disconnect all week :smiley:

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I’ve now put in place a UPS, to eliminate spikes, powered USB hub micro B usb cable direct to the xcontroller (this is tidier anyways) and separate power circuit to the UPS. Will now see if it eliminates loss of connection


Glad to hear. Those disconnects are really a nasty problem to solve.

So I purchased a powered 6 port USB hub today but I’m not sure that it will work as it appears that it is only for charging (no USB connection on the rear). Is anyone using one like this? If so, can you provide pointers on how to connect it?