Pre-Nov 2021 model, Never used, X-Carve with Upgrades, Dust System, all accessories and tons of spare parts; Ft. Knox, KY

I purchased this about a year June 2021, assembled most of it it but haven’t ran the motor wires. It has the the complete X-carve upgrade kit with the Z axis upgrade, upgraded stepper motors and 9mm belt system, side plates, risers, etc. I have the dust control system (still in the box), z-plate upgrade, Carving bit super pack plus v-carve bits and Clamp Set for 3D Carving. I also have a ton of spare parts. Check the photos out! I also will include the solid wood workbench I made for it on 4inch Polyurethane locking wheels.

I haven’t used it as I thought I was going to (I have too many hobbies) and recently was deployed (Active Duty) so I think it’s time to find it a home that it will get some use. If you have any questions please let me know. The Dewalt 611 that comes with it is the only thing thats used, but is good to go!

As you already know this kit retails for 2600 bucks plus all the upgrades, I’m asking $2250 OBO which i think is a steal with all the brand new extras and solid workbench!

And please, more than anything- thanks for taking the time to read this far and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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