Pre-waste board template posted

Another user posted a while ago that they place colored paper over their waste board in order to save their waste board. I really like this idea, so I went to a local art supply store, bought some white, yellow, and red mat boards. I then created a SVG with rings in them for Carvey to cut out. I published the file at Log In | Inventables

and if interested, here is the SVG if anyone wants it.

Note: after importing the SVG, due to a limitation in Easel you’ll need to center and reposition to the correct location. See Place imported SVG based on document size, not outter bounds of objects within the document for more info.

EDIT: although I can upload a SVG in the WYSIWYG editor the forum uses, it doesn’t look like the file is actually getting uploaded, so I’m not sure how I can share out the SVG I created.

DXF file worked for me. I couldn’t upload an SVG last night.

Here it is, as a zip: (1.4 KB)