Precision collet jamming [SOLVED]

I purchased the 1/8" precision collet for the Dewalt 611 with my X Carve. This is the one sold only on the X Carve configuration page, and not elsewhere on the site. Every time I have used it, I cannot remove my 1/8" bits without first removing the collet nut and then putting a wrench on the collet itself to remove it. Basically, I have to (forcefully) pull the entire collet out of the 611 in order to release my 1/8" bits.
Does anyone else have this problem?

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I have had this same problem but there is a fix what you need to do is take the collet and push it into the collet nut until it snaps and this will seat the collet and pull the collet out of the dewalt arbor everytime you loosen the collet nut


Thanks. Now I feel kind of like a total newb. Let’s see if that helps with some of my runout issue as well…


oh yeah no worries lol I was banging away on my X-carve trying to figure out how to get the bit to come out and then i did that and hell i called it a night enough pain for one night lol

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I appreciate this thread, I didn’t know this either and had the same problem.

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I was just typing a net topic as I searched and did not find this thread. Thanks for the info, I was having the same issues!

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Thanks! I had this exact problem and previously had to pry my bits out of the collet with a screwdriver. SO glad to find this solution!

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me 2 - hope it works!!

so I am confused what was the final thing that solved the problem?

Pushing the inner part of the precision collet into the outer part until it snaps into place. And yes, it fixes it.

Here are the instructions on the Think and Tinker site.

Has anyone had the problem where you can’t even get the 1/4”collett out after taking the nut off. I’m pretty sure that the 1/8” is jammed way up inside that I can’t get either one out now. And when I tried to pry it out I broke the bit and still part of it is stuck inside.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Is your collet and collet nut snapped together normally?


No I have the Dewalt P611 where the collet is a quick release and just sits inside the nut.

the 1/8" collet reducer somehow got lodged up inside the shaft farther with the bit. I think I may have to buy new collet.

I do not believe the collet just sits in the nut if it is called a quick release.
When snapped into the nut it can pull the collet out of the shaft.

Post a picture, please. Something here doesn’t add up. The included 1/4" collet and nut comes preassembled. The precision collets from Inventables have to be snapped into the collet nut before being screwed onto the router.

BTW. The 1/4" to 1/8" reducers will give you more problems than they are worth. I strongly recommend purchasing a 1/8" collet and not using the adapter.

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I have been using adaptor for 3 years no problems.

I wanted to let everyone know that I did get the collet out of the router. The 1/8 adapter got wedges down in the shaft that I had to cut the 1/4” collet apart to get it out. But all is good and working normal now. Thanks for the help

Thanks for this post! You have saved saved me from breaking stuff!