Precision collet options for dewalt dwp611

I bought the precision collet nut and 1/8" collet from X-Carve. I’m having a hard time finding a set of collets out there (chinese or not). I ordered one set that was supposed to be imperial (I need the 3/16" specifically) and they ended up shipping me the metric 7 piece set. While inspecting them, I found the ER diameter was about .020" smaller than the 1/8’ collet I got from X-Carve and overall length is also much shorter. Does anyone have the specs that need to be matched on the precision collets for them to be compatible with the dwp611? Or, if anyone has bought a relatively inexpensive set of precision collets (not metric) would you be able to share the link, or amazon/ebay listing?

I used to work for a tool/mold shop and my tool box is full of 1/8", 3/16" 1/4" end mills of various lengths, tapers, flutes, etc. I’d love to put them to use.

If you want the precision collet then this is the link to the page
you can use the stock style collets as the other post listed but it will not fit or work with the precise collet you ordered. and there is a difference other than just price.

this is the link for the middle grade 0.0002 run out.

and also there are different levels of precision from 0.0004 run out and 0.0002 run out and very precise 0.0001 run out.

Just make sure that you are ordering the correct style for your router (Dewalt-611)