Precision Tinting Epoxy

So I’ve been thinking of taking a logo and making the typical cutting board out of it. I’ve done this before and tinted the epoxy black, and that looked great, but this is a color job for an existing logo, and I’d like to get a fairly accurate color representation.

Here’s my thought, and I’m curious if others have tried this, or even have thoughts on its viability:

Do you think I could just stop off at my local paint store, match the colors, buy a small container of cheap paint, and tell them they can keep the paint, I just want the colorant that they’re adding? (Then of course, take home the colorant and tint the epoxy with it). From what I can tell, you can mix acrylic (latex) paints up to 2% by weight, but why add the rest of the paint if I don’t need to? (Or maybe I want those paint solids since the colors are based off white, or grey, or whatever the base paint color is?).

They are based on the base that must be used. You can even use tempera paint. Look at this video I did. Here is the link

Food coloring is MUCH cheaper. I just use drops of food coloring in my epoxy colorations. Works great!

Thanks (both of you). Phillip, your video is actually what inspired me to think about paint stores for matching pigments. Its a great video, thanks for making it. In fact, I’m considering your double-epoxy technique on this (originally I was going to try to keep slivers of wood in between the epoxy colors as a barrier, but your “Paw Paw” looks great!

Food coloring was definitely a thought since its a cutting board. My wife has this for making cookies, and I bet I can get the color close enough with it:

Food coloring will work.