Preparing for X-Carve

Sorry if this topic exists elsewhere - I’ve tried searching but didn’t stumble over anything…

Having recently ordered an X-Carve, I’m keep to get a start on playing with my new toy, but I’m also well aware that by no means is this a “plug & play” device. Therefore, whilst I wait for a delivery date, I’d like to do what I can to prepare myself for getting up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

Does anyone have some suggestions on where I’ll need to spend some productive learning time?

  • I’m making my way through the Easel app
  • I’m also trying to relearn some long dormant CAD skills (I’ve got access to Turbo Cad - It’s not AutoCad, but it appears to be reasonably competent).
  • Does anyone else have some suggestions on other areas, apps & skills I’ll need?

Ideally, I’d like to get to the point reasonably quickly where I can get a basic project from my Cad machine, into the CNC machine. I know I’ll do most learning once I begin to play and make errors on the actual machine, but I’m sure there’s some basic skills worth resurrecting.

Any suggestion would be gratefully accepted.

Dave W.

One thing I’d add to that list is to check out the Assembly Instructions. We’ve posted almost all the instructions in video and step-by-step form.

Another thing I’d do is start scouring the web for projects. Easel makes it easy to share projects with other people, and there are plenty of projects you can “open” directly into Easel from the Inventables projects section. When you click on a project, there will be an “Open in Easel” button next to the big cover image if the project creator has linked an Easel project. That will open the design, the material they used, their settings, etc.

In terms of coming up with future project ideas, I like to keep my ideas in a pinterest board. Warning: it is surprisingly easy to get sucked very far into pinterest…

Hi David
Jay Bates did a simple workflow on his YouTube channel recently for the Shapeoko the same would apply for the X-Carve, Sketchup is also a lot easier than Autocad you might want to give that a try.

Also check out the project on the inventables site there is some good inspiration there.

I just finished putting the X-Carve together yesterday for them and will have a video review next week, its pretty awesome it cut the first project perfectly with no tinkering needed, you are going to love it.

Also check out these videos: