Press Plate upgrade?

I remember reading a thread awhile back, but can’t seem to find it. Is anyone working on or found a Press plate for the Dewalt? Similar to the one pictured.


What is the purpose of this device?

It applies pressure to the material you’re cutting so you don’t need tabs

here’s a video of it in action

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Hmm, interesting. Thanks.

Link to the conversation below and a discussion on why this device probably doesn’t eliminate the need for tabs…
IMHO its more for putting pressure on thin stock to help eliminate the lift you can sometimes get with thin stock

If you look at this video, it shows how its doing nice small parts with no tabs.

Or I guess I can always go with a small vacuum table i guess.

I did notice a slight movement of the piece around 1:50, but it didn’t seem to have any negative effects on the final cut. (Perhaps one of the inner rings moved)…seems like a viable solution…

For me…??? almost every time I’ve chosen to cut without tabs, I’ve had a piece shift or bind or some other negative effect and dust compaction just doesn’t seem consistent enough to rely on when it comes to a piece moving…

But in the end, I guess it’s a matter of preference and how comfortable you are with not using tabs.

Without a friction surface underneath the press plate do not eliminate the need for tabs.

At work we carve/engrave a alot of 2-color plastic on a 1000x500mm bed and the plate to be carved rest only on this high friction surface. No press plate used. (V-bit or straight bit only, no upcut)

Brand name is Gravogrip and I am sure there are different brand names out there.
Video of it :

here is the thread I started awhile back about the pressure foot topic I am still looking into one for my big machine I just have not found one I like but I am interested in them

Or double sided tape.