Preview colors for customer

What are people doing if you are designing a project and it has more than 2 colors. For example in easel I don’t see anywhere to color the design and in Vcarve I have only been able to get 2 colors.

I wrote an app to render an svg with color or textures:


You’re a skilled fellow, I think there are several apps now you’ve shared in the forum. Any others in the works?


Thanks Ethan, I will give it a try tonight.

well I cant get it to accept an exported .svg from vcarve.

Screen grab, import to Word, print, …trip to Walmart for crayons…a relaxing evening spent coloring. :wink: Too bad we’re not all into retro relaxing entertainment. :wink:


I’d give it to my wife for the hand coloring, or to my son, with his least favorite comment, “That’s why I had children.”