Preview in easel

how do you zoom in on the preview in easel

Have you tried the mouse wheel?



I was playing in Easel and was having an issue with it as well… I could zoom but it was to a different area of the preview… couldn’t get it to go to the work material.

I have not spent any time trying to figure it out though

It is Shift+Mouse Wheel on the design side and Mouse Wheel on the preview side for me.

Also if you are trying to view section of the preview side you can move the viewing plane by holding down the right mouse wheel and moving (at least for me anyway)

That being said, it might depend on the platform and drivers. I have a Samsung ATIV tablet that has NEVER shown the preview, but now with the higher detailed preview it will show that, but nothing to begin with. It also has a 5-point touch screen, but you can’t pinch to zoom in/ out and in reality the pinching process on the screen just activates the Windows Mouse-Wheel API behind the scene. In the event that you have a quirky or non-mainstream platform your experience might be slightly different I guess.



Right-click and drag to scroll preview.

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You’re the first to answer this question correctly for me. I was about to ditch Easel for something else.