Preview & tool path view

I’m still not able to see the preview up close or zoomed. I can zoom in and out with my touch pad but the lower left and bottom of the preview screen goes out of the picture or screen shot am I just missing something or is the way it is. I see some videos where people are doing it but I cant. Maybe this is related also the tool path does not actually show the cut path only where the tool enters the work so for example. A line shows tool path from home to the work and that’s it no cut path or any other marks on the work piece in the preview shot? Seems like simple questions but I have been working at them for weeks now with no answers I thank anyone in advance for taking the time to reply with there help.
My questions are.

Are there issues on some computers with viewing the preview. I have windows 10 Toshiba?

Is dual carve only by request?

I see different views of tool paths on the forum mine do not look at all like those. Am I not viewing correctly?

Has anyone else had a power supply that the spindle control is always on I would like to use the spindle control feature but its always on vdc ?

I had to hook up a mouse to zoom in and out properly on my laptop. Couldn’t pan with the touchpad. Yes the two stage carve is by request but they give it to all who request it. Works well for me.

how/where does one request this at?

Request access at Two stage cuts

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