Pricing projects

Hi Everyone,

How do I go about placing a cost to my creations. I initially began doing carvings as a hobby, but I recently began getting orders and I am not sure how I should be charging? I have just been winging it

I think I would give myself an hourly rate plus material costs if Iā€™m not a full fledged business that can deduct all the business expenses.

I typically have the following:

  1. Material Cost - Typically at cost unless I have to do something special for it or to it.
  2. Design Cost - A per hour rate to design/edit a current design.
  3. Shop Cost - A per hour rate for my time spent actually doing something for the project (ex. setup or something like that).
  4. X-Carve Cost - A per hour rate for the time the X-Carve actually spends carving.

You will have to get a feel for what people are willing to pay for your services in your area, but do not sell yourself short.


Brandon Parker

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Thank you for the feedback Brandon Parker.

Farisha Hosein-Ramay

Thank you for the feedback Martin.

Farisha Hosein-Ramay