Print to X-Carve?

I have a Full Spectrum Laser Cutter/Engraver and it is extremely simple to run. All yo udo is print from any program to the Retina Engrave Printer Driver. Then you go to the Retina Engrave program and run the project in either Raster or Vector mode. Simple Easy Reliable. My QUESTION is can the X-carve work like that? I looked at Easel and could not figure out how to make precision parts with it. Right now I can use either Vellum Graphite ( a very easy and intuitive vector based CAD drawing program (2D & 3D). Or I can use AutoCAD. In either case I output to a printer file and make he parts EXACTLY to dimensions. Now I need to make some parts our of thicker materials that I can route but I cannot laser cut. Looking or advice here. Thanks

Hi @MartinCol in Easel you can use the exact dimensions in the “shape” tab of the floating tool bar. You can also design a file in another program and export it and import it as an SVG.

We are working on a way to import other file formats and we will announce that later this year. Until then those are your only two options with Easel.

You can also use any other CAD/CAM program and send gcode to the machine using a free sender like Universal G Code Sender or Chilipeppr.

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Thanks for the information. I will look up the G code sending options

Hi! May I ask what’s the name of your Laser Cutter/Engraver? I’m on the fence of should I get a Laser or the x-carve. I liked your comment of EASY to run. Thanks, Jene

Full Spectrum Laser. I have the Hobby 20x12 It is a great product. You can cut or engrave anything you can print from any program.

I hope you do not get the one I had.
I could not get it to work properly.
I sent it back after 3 weeks of them having me run tests.
They say the components are not from China but the tubes look like they are.
For the price its affordable but I lost out as they charged me for restocking fees. :confused:
The unit I had would not do any decent raster. It would cut vector. The raster was washboard looking and it would not do any decent detail at low power.

Easel now supports Gcode import.

My Full Spectrum has been nearly flawless. I needed a little help on setup but customer support was terrific. Now very interested in adding an X-Carve especially if I can add a digitizer probe

You have been lucky with the FS system. I had one and it was bad. After 3 weeks of it not working as expected I sent it back. Was charged for restocking fees. :confused: Not a very good experience for me.
They are too pricey for what they are offering. The tech support was great. I think there was something wrong with the system I got. Defective electronics or the tube. Not sure which it was.