Printing Threads

All I find about printing in this forum has to do with 3D printing. What I’m wondering is if there is a way to print the contents of a thread so I would have it for reference away from the computer. Any information is appreciated.

Your browser should have a way to print. If you say what web browser you are using, someone could tell you exactly how to do that.

I figured it out. I had to be at the last reply in the thread when clicking on “Print” or only a portion of the thread will print using Firefox or Chrome. You can’t open a long thread and print it immediately because not all replies load until you scroll down to them. You have to scroll down so the last reply is visible and then print the page.

I spoke too soon. I can get the beginning of a thread to print or the last part if I’ve scrolled to the end but not the entire thread. I’m at a loss.

Highlight all you want to print, then do a Print Preview to see what will print. If OK, then print it.

I did that John. I can highlight the entire thread but only 15 of the replies will print. All other pages are blank.
I can print threads that are short. Just not a long one where replies are loaded as you scroll down the page

Use Ctrl+P instead of using the menu.
It may take a long time to load a longer thread.

Thanks Neil and John. That did the trick. Using Chrome, I scrolled down until the entire thread was loaded then highlighted it and then used Ctrl P. It must have something to do with the coding that the discourse program has within it that won’t allow printing long threads the way most are accustomed to (File-Print).

You shouldnt need to hightlight or scroll. I think Ctrl+P will always print the thread.

You’re right. I opened a long random thread and just used Ctrl P and used “Print to .PDF” rather than using my ink and it has all of the thread. Thanks again!