Pro? Feature Request

Please allow me to upload / use custom fonts.

I am aware I can use other software, but I think Easel is lacking in a few areas.
One of which is the limited fonts (even in pro).

If you install Inkscape you can use system fonts to put together whatever text you want, then convert it to linework. Then save the SVG and import it into Easel.

I would rather pay a lump sum to have a desktop version that just imports any fonts that I download

so like Vetric or Carveco (maker plus) Right?

Kinda, I dont need the power those softwares have. I’m tired of having to open inkscape and create 20 nameplates with the font of the team Im carving that I sell online then convert them to paths then save it then open easel then import the svg then create a workflow for each nameplate…