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Pro wasteboard dimensions?

I am looking for an Illustrator / Coreldraw / Inkscape / SVG file that has the dimensions of the wasteboards for the X-Carve Pro. Alternatively, just the exact center spacing between the threaded inserts would be helpful.

Many thanks


Did you ever get this info Tim?

Hi Jonathan, no, nothing yet.

I called today to get this information as well, still nothing. If I hear something I will let you know.

Thanks v. much!

Just found this post.

[Bump Stock/Corner Bracket Template](https://Wasteboard Info)

That is brilliant, thanks, Bradley.

Also for overall dimensions of a single wasteboard (the 4x4 has two so double the y-axis length.

X: 1363 mm
Y: 610 mm
Z: 18 mm

Appreciate everyone’s help, so feel free to use or modify the bump-stop rulers attached. Should work on any laser including GlowForge (for the smaller ruler), and sets up nicely on the X-Carve Pro.

Once you’ve affixed to your washboard, dial in the XY start position and make a note of it - just slide future projects into the square and it’s a quick start each time.

X-Carve Pro Bump Stop Imperial Decimal Ruler 10-8x20
X-Carve Pro Bump Stop Imperial Fractional Ruler 10x18 MADE FOR GLOWFORGE