Probable stiffness issues.. please confirm

I have had my xcarve for a year or two now and love it… I’ve recently been using a solid carbide .25 endmill bit as I am used to using 1/8th and smaller…

the problem or observations is the the head flex’s and “bounces” when using pocket tool paths on one of the sides.

see video:

its not the best example but I am guessing because I am using a larger than “normal” bit that the flex is causing the bouncing…

can anyone confirm?


I used the same bit today for a 2 stage carve. What is your depth 0.25 slow that thing down. OMG RPM to high set the Dewalt at 1.

I like the speed but reduce your depth of cut (doc). This will put less of a load on your machine. This is a hobby machine . Z wheels might also be a little loose.