Probably 2 REALLY dumb questions about VCarve & UGS usage

I just started my vacation, so I figured I’d make good use of my free time and actually learn to use VCarve. Several youTube videos later I dove in and started building my project, a simple clock face that I’m planning to give as a wedding gift.

I was able to make good progress with the clock, and I have all the toolpaths ready to go, but I’m wondering about the GCode sending. Until now I’ve done a ton of stuff in Easel, but the only thing I’ve used UGS for is Charley’s zero-axis touch plate.

My 2 questions :

  1. I am used to Easel, where you start with the bit on X0,Y0,Z0. I have a bump stop, homing switches, and I use G28 regularly. So … Once I home the machine, go to G28 and zero my Z axis, do I need to then manually raise the Z off the workpiece so that UGS wont start sliding the bit across the workpiece? Or can I home the machine, go to G28, zero the Z, reset the Z in UGS, then raise the bit myself and send the code?

  2. I notice in the properties of the material setup in VCarve (upper right corner, toolpath tab) that it shows the bit at 0.2" above the material, and notes a home position of X:0 Y:0 Z:0.8. Does this mean that all my carves are going to start relative to the 0.2" above the material, or is that the safe work height and my Z zero is truly on the top of the material?

I just don’t want to send a file and have the bit either 0.2" shallow, or scrape it’s way across the workpiece before it plunges for the first cut.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, thought that was the case, but haven’t had a chance to walk out to the shop and test quite yet…

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