Probe offset issue? Plunging too deep at work zero

I see the machine works in same point for the setup XY. It is means, the point that I setup zero XY, the machine did not move to the right point, it is starts to work in the zero XY point. Why?? maybe the Y axis is wrong?? Please help me.

I dont understand your issue :confused:

Picture of the machine/material/work zero before carving and screenshot of Easel/design?

The machine starts to work in same point of XY axis zero.

So the bit plunge down into the material at your X/Y zdero spot?
Do you use a probe / have probe functionality activated?

I suspect the bit plunge = probe plate thickness value.

the bit plunge down into the material at your X/Y zero spot? yes. Right.
Do you use a probe? yes. Z probe (X carve)

Can you try to set Z-zero manually, without the probe?
What happen then?

If you command a 25mm jog up or down on Z, is the actual travel also = 25mm?

I set the Z manually, It is ok. Sp, what happen?? why the machine does not work right?? in this problem, I used V bit 60 degree. Maybe this the problem??

Yes, if I command 25mm jog up or down on Z, it is actual travel.

Most likely the Z-offset value related to your probe plate thickness. I dont use that feature so I am unable to help, hopefully others may chime in :slight_smile:

(I have edited the thread title to reflect my suspicion)