Probe option disappeared in Easel

Hi, the probe option has disappeared in Easel. Iv’e looked at my settings and there is no option for adding the probe there either. Anyone know what I can do? I rely 100% on Easel so can’t do any more carves. Thank you in advance

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Hello @MrsJWilson and welcome to the forum,
When you hit carve in Easel it will ask you a few questions and then ask if probe or manual setting of the Z. Does that not come up?

Hi, no there seems to be no option for probe anymore.

I dont have the option either.

I’m not at home now but I carved some things yesterday and it was there in Easel. I will check when I get home today

I regularly encounter the same issue and resorted to running the setup again. (which is annoying and time consuming)
Interested to hear a better solution to this problem.