Probe test works but software does not complete cycle

I tried finding anyone with a similar problem as mine, I did not so here goes.

I have a comgrow robo 3018. So, I’ve got a decent amount of time spent in Fusion 360 and using Candle to run my grbl code, I’ve had no problems with my probe as far as that goes.

When trying to use the probe in easel, it recognizes the test touch and then comes time to actually probe. My bit will touch the plate, raise up how it should, but the software never completes probing and will sit there forever. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thank you,

Please explain what you are expecting of the probing process?

The software doesn’t progress to where I can carve. The software gets stuck at “probing…” but everything physically on the CNC looks like it went through the process correctly.

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