Probing in ugs makes z travel up

I was using ugs today and probed just fine. Then I went to do it again, and it started going up instead of down. I tried both the nightly build and the previous build. I haven’t yet tried easel.
In ugs, I’m using the command g38.2 z-.5 f1
I also tried the command g38.2 z.5 f1 to see if removing the minus would ma,e it move down instead of up this time. It still moved up.
I tried both builds several times. And as mentioned, it worked first time, then it went backwards.
I’ve tried resetting my machine also.
I have the x controller with everything up to date.

Anybody know what this could be?

Ok thanks, I’m just getting done supper and will head out and check.
It’s basically new wiring for the most part and doesn’t get moved around at all though, so let’s just hope it’s that simple!!
I will post the results of my wire search shortly.

The z axis does move the proper direction when I use ugs to move the axis, but it just goes the wrong way when I use the probe command.
Does that still sound like broken wire?

I have this problem sometimes, a soft reset and zero of the z fixes it usually. Not sure what causes it since jogging isn’t effected.

i don’t use homing…what happens is when I type in g38.2 z-.5 f1 it goes up instead of down.
when I touch the plate to the cutter it does stop the machine, but does not go back up. I don’t think I have it set to go back up on its own and I usually just raise it manually.
I just got my touch plate during the winter and its finally nice out here now, so im just getting into the probe commands. I have used it several several times without problem however. (until today).

ive tried resetting zero, closing down the program, using another version of ugs, tried again on both versions.
searched my wires for cracks and loose or jumped frayed wires.

okay, I turned off my machine for about an hour for supper, talked to you people while doing so, and just got back to garage and fired the machine back on.
I typed in the g38.2 command and of course it is now working again!!
gotta love electronics…
I guess im gonna take a real good go over on my wires and connections again, and play with the machine for the night.

I will post back when if find anyting out. I just hope it keeps working.
thanks a bunch for the help!

Because that’s the way I did it.
Is there something wrong with that which would cause it to not work?
It always works just fine any of the other times I’ve done it, including just a few mins ago.

Lol oh I’m completely aware of that haha!
I think I mentioned somewhere that I just started using my probe and haven’t yet gotten to the technical part of it so to speak.
I’m also a completely new to using commands like that, so thanks mostly to u and Phil, I’ve been learning a lot lol
U guys are a great help!

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Thanks Phil, ur a big help again lol
I hope inventables pays you and Robert by now!!!
I only use my machine here n there n there is a lot to learn! This will be added to the top of the list though as I’ve learned that the more the machine can do itself, the more I like it lol
I’ll be goin at it the evening, so I’ll give that a try.

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