Problem outside carve 2 lines


my problem is, if I make a part in for example Solid Works, I save it as a .dxf import it in Adobe Illustrator then save it as .svg

Then I import the .svg file in easel the small thin lines are visible. Then I want to carve the outside of the part, click on outside carve, because for sure I want to have the measuring that I have designed.

Then Easel wants to carve the lines on both sides outside, so it takes a lot auf time and the measuring are not okay.

Here a few pictures:

Here is the contruction in Solid Works

Import the .dxf in Adobe Illustrator:

Import the .svg in Easel:

Set it to “outside”

Then there are “2” Outlines :

I dont know why, had anyone a solution for my issue ? And know how to solve it?

If you attach the SVG file to this thread it may help someone sort the source of the problem.

@GeoffSteer Here is the svg and the dxf.

Teil1.DXF (23,8 KB)

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Thank you @B.F.

But wat is the solution? How Do you Do it? Or what Do you Do

i sued adobe illustrator i found that have you had dual lines on the drawing. when add color you can see that some line that are not connecting so you have join them

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Do you use Illustrator or inkscape? If Illustrator, could you explain me how to fill it with color and delete the second line?

I dont understand the vector thing, I like Pixel :slight_smile:

is the program by chance exporting the line weight?


so if I zoom to 1600 % I can see it too.

I dont know if the programm is exporting the line weight.

I´ll test it with an otherconstruction.

I was having this issue in Inkscape, I found out I have to remove the line outline and keep the line fill. This creates a single line when importing. It also accounted for the wrong size cuts. Now I use a thin line (Filled only) and the same with any shapes I create. So if I make a circle and do no outline, and only use fill, size it, then import into easel. I get a nice solid shape, the right size, that I can cut with any option without the double line issue.

Hope that helps a little.