Problem setting current for x-axis

I was having problems with the y-axis chattering so I decided to go through the excercise of setting the current for the stepper motors. I managed to solve the problem with the y-axis (and a small problem with the z-axis) but have totally screwed up the x-axis. I start with the current at 0 and then slowly raise if and all I get is the x-axis sort of stuttering in place. There is no setting through the whole range of current that seems to work correctly.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Check if your wheels are not to tight on X axis.

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Odd that it doesn’t move at all. Check that a wire has not come loose.

I checked all the wheels and they are fine.

It actually does move sort of. It makes noise and the kind of goes back and forth maybe 1/8" of travel. It is like a pulsing action.

I can take a quick video of it if this site allows you to upload a video.

Are you able to run this motto not attached to Z to see if it spins without any mechanical load on it?