Problem with chrome

Ok here I go. I had to set up a new computer with XC ( My laptop was stolen). Before on my old laptop I was using Foxfire then one day my laptop would not connect to the X Controller using Foxfire. I did so reading on here and the consensus was to use Chrome. So I set up the XC on chrome and everything thing was working.

After using Chrome with the XC for a week my Laptop was stolen. So today I set up a desktop computer to work with my XC. Got everything set in Chrome. So today I wanted to design something and Chrome was every slow when working with the design part in easel about and 8 to 15 second delay from a mouse click and then see the movement on the screen. After getting very frustrated with this I tried using easel in Foxfire and it worked as it should with no delay. So now I’m designing with Foxfire and cutting with Chrome. Im using ethernet for my Internet. And I can’t get Firefox to contact with the X controller. Any body have any idea what’s going with my set up.

I think it may be some changes they are making to easel. Probably not a software problem on your end.

Hi Doug,

Can you share the URL to your project so we can take a look?

As a side note, Easel is designed to work equally well in the latest versions of all major browsers. We do not favor one browser over another.


I will try to get you the URL when I get back to the shop today. Firefox was slow today and doing some funny things. When I use easel in chrome everything is slow opening easel to working in easel. But a side note I worked with easel with a Mac that’s at my house and everything worked as it should.

Jeff how do I get you the link your looking for.

Also, if you don’t want to share the URL publicly, you can PM it to me.