Problem with easel cuts

Hi everyone,

I have a 4x4 x-carve pro, and the problem I’m facing is I programmed two pages in easel for one of my CNC projects. I was looking to recreate the slabs that the XCP came with. I cut MDF slabs to the exact size, I squared it in the CNC, my project on easel had two sets of mounting holes in the exact same spots for the front, and back, exactly where they are supposed to be. I ran the first page to cut the back side, and then ran the second page to cut the front side. The mounting holes came out completely off. I took a look at all my measurements twice on the actual OEM slab as well as the positioning I put into easel, and the points of the holes matched the exact same location. I don’t know why the XCP whenever I drop a piece in, the moment I flip it over, it never cuts the exact same path. It is always off by a 1/4" or so when I run the CNC. The piece sat in the exact same spot as it did the first time. When I ran the project through, I used it off the last zero which was the bottom left corner of the piece. I have no idea why it does this. I don’t know if I have the CNC squared to the work space, or what.

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