Problem with Fonts

I recently installed Easel and when I try to add text to a project by clicking on the fonts tab a popup shows up that says Loading fonts" and a twirlling circle but nothing ever loads. As a result I cannot add any text. Any help?


Never heard that one before, did you send an email to Inventables? Other than restarting your computer I wouldn’t know what else to tell you.
When you click on the T “font tab” the window with the available fonts should open up.

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same here. just got new computer setup last night and it will not load fonts. using latest downloaded Chrome browser.
I’ve killed the browser and started new, tried Incognito browser and rebooted the PC. Fonts still won’t load.
I have Easel Pro and have added all the fonts available but that shouldn’t cause this much delay. It hasn’t before.

Anyone have a solution for this yet?
Two week later and I am still not able to load fonts. I am using the Pro version of Easel and will NOT consider renewing my license for this if the application does not function.

It may be local to your system? (sorry, I dont have much to help in that regard)
I just added a font here and had no issues.

I would say it is something on your computer. I used it most of the day with no problems. Maybe your system updated and some sort of blocker was turned on.

at least it dosent ruin ur project like mine it keeps doing double fonts rite on top just below the one I programed. trhis program has to many glitches it sucks!!!

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That is not the fault of the program - its mechanical.

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Same issue with me. This is the first time this has happened. No clue how to fix it either.

Do you have anything else running on your computer that may slow it down? Shut everything down and restart your computer and see if that clears it up.

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I think if you login and then loose internet connection. The fonts, pro design, and tools will be unusable until you regain internet at which time you may need to refresh the page… could an internet dropout be your issue?

Maybe try closing and reopening the browser, letting it briefly load and as soon as it loads go right into the fonts to see if they load right then… if they are immediately available but later become not available this would indicate the net dropped out. :man_shrugging:

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When did Easel Pro start letting you load fonts?
I just thought it provided additional fonts beyond the standard ones???

There are the basics, then at the top of that little popout font selection is the button to access the pro library ones…

other than that they would need to be imported as SVGs instead of editable fonts.

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