Problem with g-code transfer

Hello Inventables Community Team,

I am a novice when it comes cnc.:smirk:
I struggle somewhat understandable writing.:smirk:
I’m from Germany and my English is not so good.
I translate with google. SORRY.:pensive:
I hope I’m right with my problem here.

The last Projecte I made with Easel. Has everything worked out great.:thumbsup:

Now I once wanted to test Aspire. I have described the Vectric-easel-c921b674dd317a1d9eee82b2aedb924e.pp inserted into Aspire and time saved is a simple rectangle test in G code.
Now I wanted to invite the Project in Easel on Import G code.
But then came an error message.
And because my English is not so good, I now understand nothing.
Can you help me eventually, betrayed or what I’m honored.

Thank you in advance.
I’m trying to append the error message as an image.

Best regards

Please delete. thank you