Problem with g code VCarve Pro 10.5

I recently upgraded to VCarve Pro on the 10 th of this month. I use the X-Carve inch post processor and send it to the xcarve with Pic Sender 3.3.5 Im using the 1.1g grbl when i start the carve it stops and i get “Grbl detected an error and cannot continue” thru pic sender it gives me a message error 33
if a gcode error it is either on, or before , Line22. It also gives me the gcode line G2X7 .8012Y2.818210.095J-0.0006. Any help will be great.

Here are the 1st 23lines of g code For Vcarving letters


I am guessing that first line T1 is the problem.
Are you sure you are using the correct post processor?

They jacked up the post processors on the newest version.
What sender are you using?
If you deal with M6 commands, my Post Processors will work.

I can work one up without the M6 if it’s needed.

Grbl can handle T without issue.

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I’m using Xcarve inch mode. the same i’ve always used with the Vcarve pro

I’m using the latest Picsender. what is the M6 command?

I don’t know what Picsender does with toolchanges (M6). Do you know how to add Post Processors?
The mm one will probably work, though.
Like I said, they jacked them up.

It’s for toolchanges.
Anyway, the Grbl versions on my github site I linked above should work for you.

PicSender will work with tool changes, i dont use the m6 code.

Like I said, the grbl posts I linked above will work.

Thank you!

Grbl will error out and stop receiving gcode lines if an ‘M6’ is in the gcode and PicSender will report the error.

Thank you, sir

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The grbl posts I linked will only output an M6 of one is intentionally generating multi-tool jobs.

So if I’m not using a tool changer, it won’t include it in the gcode?

Do you save toolpaths for one tool at a time? If so, the grbl versions I linked will work.
If you use a sender that allows you to use tool changes, they’ll also work.

I had a problem with VCarve 10.5 Pro and talked with Vectric. They think the problem is that V10.5 supports arcs, which Grbl 1.1 apparently also supports. Apparently Easel doesn’t supports arcs, or at least not in they way they thought it did.

Vectric sent me an updated XCarve driver that seems to have fixed the problem. I’m at work right now and was able to upload VCarve Pro 10.5 g code into Easel, but I’ll have go home to be sure it works on the XCarve.

I’ve attached the driver they sent me. The instructions in the email are:

Please copy the file to the “PostP” folder of VCarve Pro.

(Or to the “My_PostP” folder if you have copied any post processors to this folder in the past).

This can be located by starting VCarve Pro, from the main menu bar, please click
“File > Open Application Data Folder > PostP” (Or “My_PostP”).

Once you have copied the new post processor, exit the application and restart it.
The new post processor will be labelled as "X-Carve (inch) ( .gcode)".*

X-Carve_inch.pp (4.5 KB)

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If you’re using Easel to send, you can’t use arcs, correct.
Did their new X-carve post processor use arcs? They really messed that up… This has been an issue everywhere! Even for senders that can handle arcs (everything but Easel?), their new ones aren’t working because of a lack of precision in their arc calculations.

I save the different tools in a separate gcode file and rezero after each time I change the bit

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I’m not sure. I know that drivers exist and basically what they do, but that’s about it. The one they sent me seems to work. I tried it on my laptop and Easel was able to import the g code. I’ll need to try it on my XCarve this evening, though.

It’ll work. The issue you had before was the arc calculation. That one has arcs removed. There was another bug reported with the new post processors and ramping. Check your toolpaths before you run the job.

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